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Due to different needs and lifestyles we recognize that everyone has different ideas of how to keep themselves organized. Let us work with you to create a plan that will work for YOUR specific needs to "Clean Up" and "Class Up" your space.

If your closets just don't work, Discovering Space can help. If you need a home office or homework center, Discovering Space can help. Do you want to park your vehicle in your garage, Discovering Space can help.

At Discovering Space we do not hire subcontractors. You will deal with our company from design to installation.

The systems we use at Discovering Space can easily be modified to accommodate your changing needs. We can add a shelf, move a rod, install new hardware or accessories.

Are you planning a move? Now is the time to include new closets into your budget. Upgrade without the hassle of moving everything out of your closets.

Don't be overwhelmed by this type of project. It is common for our customers to upgrade one or two closets at a time.

Serving All SouthEast Michigan
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